Young People's & Children's Division


Executive Members

  • Director: SIS E PHEGA
  • President: BRO M MAHLOBO
  • 1st Vice President: SIS T SENOSHA
  • 2nd Vice President: SIS O ZUBANE
  • Recording Secretary: SIS M SENOSHA
  • Assistant Recording Secretary: SIS K MOUMAKWE
  • Financial Secretary: BRO B MASOMBUKA
  • Parliamentarian: SIS T ZUBANE
  • Historiographer: SIS T PHIRI
  • Worship Director: SIS N MAHLOBO
  • Communication Secretary: (VACANT)


The purpose of this organization shall be to implement mission programs and activities in local communities to fulfil the purpose of the organization, by providing a training ground for later Christian Service to the Women Missionary Society and the African Methodist Episcopal Church. To accomplish the purpose, the young people's and Children's Division commits to:

  • Come together to study the Bible, the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Women's Missionary Society and Bylaws of the Young People's and Children's Division;
  • Perform service projects in the community.
  • Conduct and participate in workshops on Christian Social Relations and Family Life dealing with such topics as drugs and alcohol abuse, personal development, juvenile delinquency, teenage sexuality, communication, social morals etc.;
  • Pursue experiences for leadership development in the church and community; and.
  • Build a community of children, youth and young adults that strengthen the organization and church.